DCMA - Legacy

We wish to enlighten you about the legal nuances associated with the games hosted on our platform.

Status of Games 

The games featured on our website fall under the category of abandonware. This implies that their original developers no longer offer support or sales for them, and they aren't shielded by active copyright claims. Consequently, while these games can be enjoyed online on our platform, downloading them directly is not an option.

Objective Behind Our Platform was conceptualized to safeguard and grant access to these timeless games, which have ceased commercial availability. While we possess the copyrights for the website and its encompassed content, the games individually are recognized as abandonware.

Upholding Intellectual Property Rights 

Though these games can be accessed without charges on our platform, it's pivotal to understand that their distribution, replication, or any commercial exploitation necessitates permissions from the erstwhile copyright proprietors, provided they are still traceable.

Championing Game Creators 

Our endeavor is to honor intellectual property stipulations and we ardently advise our users to endorse game creators by procuring and uplifting their contemporary releases. If you discern any content on our site that seemingly contravenes copyright regulations or impinges upon intellectual property rights, kindly alert us without delay.

We're grateful for your comprehension of the legal landscape enveloping the games on Dive in and relish these iconic games!

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