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Cannon Fodder

Action, Strategy

Cannon Fodder is an iconic DOS game that combines tactical warfare with a unique sense of humor. Players take command of a group of soldiers, leading them through various missions with the objective of defeating enemy troops. The game is renowned for its blend of strategy and action, offering a unique challenge with each level. As players progress, they must adapt their tactics to overcome increasingly difficult scenarios. Now available to play online for free, Cannon Fodder invites you to relive this classic game, engaging in intense battles and strategic planning, all through your browser.

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Cannon Fodder, published by Sensible Software, is a seminal game in the tactical shooter genre. It stands out not only for its gameplay but also for its commentary on the absurdity of war. This game has left a lasting impression on the gaming community, combining humor with serious tactical gameplay.

Gameplay and Plot Overview

In Cannon Fodder, players navigate a series of increasingly challenging missions. Each mission requires careful planning and strategic thinking, as players command a small squad of soldiers against enemy forces. The game is set across various terrains, from dense jungles to snowy landscapes, each presenting unique challenges and requiring different tactical approaches.

The game's plot, while simplistic, is delivered with a satirical tone that critiques the glorification of war. The player's soldiers, each with unique names, become more than just units in a game; they represent the human cost of war. As the game progresses, players grow attached to their squad, making each loss more impactful.

Play Cannon Fodder Online

The excitement of Cannon Fodder can now be experienced online. This classic game has been made accessible to modern audiences, allowing you to play it for free in your browser or on mobile devices. There are no limitations or restrictions – just pure, strategic gameplay at your fingertips. Experience the thrill of leading your troops to victory in Cannon Fodder online, a game that remains as engaging and relevant as ever.

Strategic Gameplay and Controls

The controls of Cannon Fodder are intuitive yet offer depth in gameplay. Players must not only be quick in combat but also strategic in positioning their troops and choosing when to attack or defend. The game's level design encourages creative tactical thinking, with each mission offering multiple paths to victory.


Cannon Fodder remains a poignant and entertaining game. It challenges players not only with its gameplay but also with its message. As we offer this game online for free, we ensure that all codes used are publicly available, respecting the rights and intellectual property of the creators. Cannon Fodder is more than a game; it's a piece of gaming history that continues to resonate with players around the world.

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