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Circle of Blood


Circle of Blood, also known as 'Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars', is an immersive point-and-click adventure from DOS's golden era. Embark on a thrilling journey filled with enigmas, history, and suspense. Experience this legendary game on and play online for free!

Introduction to Circle of Blood

Published by the renowned Revolution Software, "Circle of Blood" stands as a testament to the golden age of point-and-click adventure games. Setting players on a journey rife with mystery and suspense, this DOS game remains one of the most loved and celebrated titles in gaming history.

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 At, we bring back the classics to life. Dive into the captivating world of Circle of Blood and play it online. Experience seamless gameplay, save your progress, and embark on an adventure that transcends time.

Content and Plot Description 

At its core, Circle of Blood unravels a plot revolving around a journalist named George Stobbart and a French journalist named Nicole Collard. The duo finds themselves tangled in a web of mysteries when a clown commits a murder in Paris. The plot thickens as they delve deeper into the history, revealing age-old conspiracies, the Knights Templar, and secrets that have the potential to shake the very foundations of the world.

Players will traverse various locations, meet quirky characters, and solve ingenious puzzles. The rich narrative is complemented by beautifully hand-drawn backgrounds and an evocative musical score.

From the bustling streets of Paris to the ancient ruins, the game promises players not just gameplay, but an experience; a journey that transcends the barriers of time and space. Every dialogue, every location, and every puzzle piece together to narrate a tale that is both thrilling and memorable.

Gameplay and Controls 

Navigating the world of Circle of Blood is intuitive. Players will engage in dialogues, collect items, and solve puzzles using a simple point-and-click mechanism. The game's interface is user-friendly, ensuring that both veterans of the genre and newcomers can dive in without any hitches.

The true essence of the game lies in its intricate puzzles. While some are straightforward, others require a blend of wit, observation, and logical deduction. But fear not! The rewarding narrative progression ensures that players remain motivated to tackle even the most challenging riddles.

In Conclusion 

Circle of Blood isn’t just a game; it's a time capsule that takes players on a nostalgic ride back to a period when stories were the soul of a game. Its immersive plot, coupled with captivating visuals and sound, ensures that it remains etched in the annals of gaming history.

Remember, at, we utilize publicly available codes, ensuring transparency and authenticity. All rights and credits belong to the original developers and publishers. Dive into the world of classic DOS games and relive the golden era of gaming!

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