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Death Rally


Death Rally, a cult classic in the realm of DOS games, takes you into a world of intense top-down racing. Published by Apogee Software, this game features fast-paced vehicular combat and various upgradeable cars. As a participant in the deadly Death Rally, you must outpace, outsmart, and outshoot your competitors to reach the top. Experience this adrenaline-filled game for free on, where you can play Death Rally online and save your progress for a truly seamless gaming experience.

Welcome to the World of Death Rally

Step into the world of Death Rally, a thrilling top-down racing game developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Apogee Software in 1996. As a landmark of the DOS era, Death Rally is packed with high-speed action, strategy, and intense competition.

The game brings a unique combination of racing and vehicular combat, distinguishing it from other racing games of its time. It tests not only your driving skills but also your combat strategy, making every race a life-or-death affair.

Experience the High-Speed Action

In Death Rally, you're dropped into a high-stakes underground racing world where winning is everything, and losing could mean death. You start with a modest car, battling your way through various races, each presenting its unique challenges and deadly competitors.

But Death Rally isn't just about racing - it's about survival. Every competitor, including you, can upgrade their vehicles with more powerful engines, better tires, and a deadly arsenal of weapons to sabotage their competitors.

The game presents a myriad of tactical opportunities. Will you focus on raw speed, relying on your driving skills to outpace your opponents? Or will you invest in weapons to blast your way to the top? These choices contribute to an immersive, varied gameplay experience that keeps every race fresh and exciting.

Play Death Rally Online

At, we bring you the thrill of Death Rally right in your browser. You can play Death Rally online for free, reliving the high-speed action and strategic combat that made this game a classic.

We've integrated a save feature, so you can progress through the ranks of Death Rally at your own pace. Whether you want to play for a few minutes or a few hours, you can always pick up right where you left off.

Concluding the Death Race and Controls

Death Rally's combination of high-speed racing, strategic combat, and progressive upgrade system have made it a beloved classic. It's not just a test of speed, but a test of cunning and aggression.

Controlling your vehicle in Death Rally is simple but engaging. You use the arrow keys to steer, accelerate, and brake. The 'Ctrl' key is used to fire your weapon, and 'Space' to use nitro boosts.

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Join the adrenaline-filled world of Death Rally on Are you ready to start your engine and survive the Death Rally?

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