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FIFA Soccer 96


FIFA Soccer 96, published by Electronic Arts, is a memorable game in the FIFA series that brought significant improvements in gameplay and graphics. With teams from leagues worldwide and immersive 3D visuals, FIFA Soccer 96 offers an authentic football experience. Now you can relive this classic DOS game online for free at Choose your favourite team, strategize your game plan, score spectacular goals, and save your progress as you advance through the tournament. Experience the exhilarating world of football today.

Introduction to FIFA Soccer 96

As one of the groundbreaking titles in the FIFA series, FIFA Soccer 96 redefined football games with its immersive 3D graphics and deep gameplay mechanics. Published by Electronic Arts, FIFA Soccer 96 is a testament to the evolution of football games in the DOS era. On, you can relive this classic game and experience the thrill of football from the comfort of your device.

FIFA Soccer 96: Gameplay and Features

FIFA Soccer 96 boasts impressive features for its time, such as isometric 3D visuals, which introduced a level of depth and realism previously unseen in DOS football games. This technical advancement enabled more fluid movements and realistic gameplay.

The game includes teams from numerous leagues worldwide, providing a diverse selection of teams to play. Each team features real players with their unique stats, accurately reflecting their real-world counterparts' strengths and weaknesses. This level of detail was a massive leap forward for the FIFA series, bringing an unmatched level of authenticity to football games.

FIFA Soccer 96 features various game modes such as Friendly, League, and Playoff matches, each providing its unique challenges. The gameplay emphasizes strategic planning and skillful execution of passes, shots, and tackles. Whether you're executing a perfect through ball, scoring a spectacular goal, or making a crucial save, FIFA Soccer 96 captures the excitement and tension of real football matches.

Play FIFA Soccer 96 Online

Relive the classic football action by playing FIFA Soccer 96 online at Choose your favourite team, develop your strategies, and lead your team to victory. You can save your progress as you climb the ranks, making every match count. Experience the thrilling world of football today.

Summary and Game Controls

In conclusion, FIFA Soccer 96 is a landmark title in the history of football games. Its innovative 3D visuals, vast team selection, and deep gameplay mechanics make it a compelling and engaging DOS game to this day. The game controls are simple and intuitive, using the keyboard for player movements and actions, ensuring that even new players can quickly get into the action.

At, we only use publicly available codes, and all rights belong to the authors of the game. We offer you the chance to revisit this piece of gaming history in a convenient and free format. Dive into the exciting world of FIFA Soccer 96 and experience the joy of football on our platform today!

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