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Mario Teaches Typing


Experience the joy of learning and gaming combined in Mario Teaches Typing, a renowned DOS educational game. Join Mario in this fun and engaging typing journey. Play it online for free at and enhance your typing skills while having fun.

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Introduction to Mario Teaches Typing

Published by Interplay Entertainment, Mario Teaches Typing takes an innovative approach to learning, transforming typing into an enjoyable experience. Leveraging the popularity of the iconic character Mario, this game makes educational content more engaging.

Game Content and Gameplay

The game features various levels, each designed to teach typing skills in a fun and interactive way. As you help Mario navigate the Mushroom Kingdom, you'll be asked to type specific words or characters to progress. The levels increase in difficulty as your typing proficiency improves, making it a great tool for beginners and intermediate typers alike.

The Story of Mario Teaches Typing

While there isn't a traditional storyline in Mario Teaches Typing, the goal is to successfully navigate Mario through the Mushroom Kingdom by typing the correct characters. Mario's speed and success depend on your typing accuracy and speed. While this may seem simple, achieving high speeds can be a real challenge and a fun way to improve your typing skills.

Game Summary and Controls

In conclusion, Mario Teaches Typing is an effective and fun way to enhance your typing skills. The game is easy to control; simply type the characters that appear on your screen to help Mario navigate his world. Remember, your speed and accuracy directly influence Mario's performance!

Play Mario Teaches Typing online

Play Mario Teaches Typing now on Enjoy this classic educational DOS game and improve your typing skills while having fun! 

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