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Master of Magic


Master of Magic is a classic strategy game where you take on the role of a powerful wizard seeking to dominate two interwoven worlds. In this game, players can choose from different wizards, each with their own unique spells and abilities, and attempt to build an empire through magical and military might. Explore a rich world filled with fantastical creatures, diverse terrains, and intense battles. Now available to play online for free on our website, Master of Magic remains a compelling blend of strategy and sorcery that continues to enchant gamers worldwide.

Introduction to Master of Magic

Published by MicroProse in 1994, Master of Magic is a turn-based strategy game that captures the imagination of players with its intricate blend of strategy and supernatural elements. This game allows players to assume the role of a wizard, striving to become the supreme sorcerer in a fantasy universe filled with mystical creatures and fierce competition.

Content and Narrative of Master of Magic

Master of Magic sets players in a procedurally generated world where they must manage resources, develop cities, and amass armies. The game features two distinct dimensions, Arcanus and Myrror, each offering unique strategic opportunities and challenges. Players can choose from a variety of races, such as the industrious dwarves or the magical high elves, each providing different advantages in city building and combat.

The core of the game’s appeal lies in its magic system, where wizards learn spells by investing in different schools of magic, such as Sorcery, Chaos, Nature, or Life. Each school offers a distinct pathway to power, from summoning mighty creatures to unleashing devastating disasters upon enemies.

The strategic layer is deeply enriched by the presence of heroes who can be recruited to lead your armies. These heroes grow in power, acquiring magical artifacts and legendary weapons to aid in their quests. The interactions between different magical and mundane forces create a rich, emergent narrative full of alliances, betrayals, and epic battles.

Play Master of Magic Online

You can now experience the classic fantasy and strategy of Master of Magic online, right in your browser or on mobile, without any restrictions. This is your chance to delve into the world of Master of Magic for free, playing as a clever strategist and powerful wizard. Master complex strategies and spellcasting to conquer your enemies and claim the title of the ultimate wizard.

Master of Magic: Game Mechanics and Control

Master of Magic combines an intuitive interface with complex strategic gameplay. The control system is straightforward, allowing players to easily navigate through various menus, manage their empires, and engage in tactical battles. The game's depth comes from its blend of strategic planning, resource management, and tactical combat.


In conclusion, Master of Magic remains a seminal work in the genre of strategy games, offering a rich tapestry of gameplay mechanics and strategic depth. We use only publicly available codes, and all game rights belong to their respective owners. Whether you're a long-time fan or a new player, Master of Magic offers a compelling experience that stands the test of time. Rediscover this classic game and start your adventure as a powerful wizard today!


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