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Pool of Radiance

Role-Playing (RPG)

Pool of Radiance, released by Strategic Simulations in 1988, is a classic RPG set in the Dungeons & Dragons world of Forgotten Realms. Assemble your party and embark on a quest to purge the city of New Phlan from monstrous invaders. With engaging turn-based combat, deep character customization, and an immersive narrative, Pool of Radiance provides a robust RPG experience. Experience this classic DOS game free on bestDOSgames, play online, and save your progress.

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Step Into the Forgotten Realms in Pool of Radiance

Launched by Strategic Simulations in 1988, Pool of Radiance is a classic RPG that transports you to the Dungeons & Dragons world of Forgotten Realms. [Detailed introduction to the game.]

Tactics and Strategy in Pool of Radiance

Pool of Radiance offers engaging turn-based combat and deep character customization that make every playthrough unique. [Detailed description of game mechanics, characters, and gameplay.]

Guide Your Party to Victory in Pool of Radiance

The narrative of Pool of Radiance is as compelling as its gameplay. As you guide your party through the monster-infested city of New Phlan... [Detailed storyline, setting, and environment description.]

Play Pool of Radiance Online

You can now experience the immersive world of Pool of Radiance online for free at bestDOSgames. Save your progress as you guide your party to victory against the monstrous infestation of New Phlan.

Pool of Radiance: A Classic RPG Journey

Pool of Radiance provides a robust RPG experience that still holds up decades after its initial release. [Conclusion and brief overview of controls.]

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