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Bally Midway Manufacturing Co., often simply known as Bally Midway, was a pivotal player in the video game industry during the 1980s. Renowned for creating iconic arcade games, many of their best works were adapted into DOS games, allowing a wider audience to enjoy them on personal computers. Some of their most famous DOS games include titles like 'Spy Hunter' and 'Rampage'. These games and more are now available for free online play on, providing gamers with a nostalgic trip down memory lane and the chance to experience classic gaming from the comfort of their homes.

List of games developed by Bally Midway Mfg Co.

  • Rampage
    1988Activision, Inc.


    Action game

    Experience the thrill of "Rampage," the iconic DOS game, now available to play online for free on our site. In "Rampage," you take control of gigantic monsters wreaking havoc across numerous cities in the United States. As yo...

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