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Top Activision DOS Games - Classic Hits Revisited

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Activision stands as one of the earliest and most influential video game companies, having shaped the gaming industry since the 1980s. As pioneers in the realm of video games, Activision is responsible for some of the most iconic DOS games, including legendary titles like MechWarrior 2 and Zork, among others. These games were technological and gameplay innovations at the time of their release and continue to hold a cult status among fans to this day. On our website,, we offer gamers the chance to play these iconic games right in their browsers for free. Dive back into the golden era of computer games and relive those unforgettable moments with the best games from Activision, available online for free at

Most popular games published by Activision, Inc.

  • Rampage
    1988Activision, Inc.


    Action game

    Experience the thrill of "Rampage," the iconic DOS game, now available to play online for free on our site. In "Rampage," you take control of gigantic monsters wreaking havoc across numerous cities in the United States. As yo...

List of games published by Activision, Inc.

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