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Sports Interactive Limited is a renowned game development studio, particularly acclaimed for its sports-themed DOS games. Founded in 1994, Sports Interactive has crafted an array of engaging, realistic, and intricate sports simulations that captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. They pioneered many features that became standards in sports games, such as detailed statistics, player attributes, and managerial decisions.

Sports Interactive's DOS games line-up includes the groundbreaking 'Championship Manager' series, setting a high bar for the football management simulation genre. Its popularity rested on the extensive database of real players, statistics, and the comprehensive tactical control given to the player.

At, we're dedicated to preserving these classic DOS games by Sports Interactive. We offer these games free of charge and playable directly in your web browser. You can save your progress and continue your game anytime you wish, bringing the strategic depth and challenging gameplay of Sports Interactive's titles to your fingertips whenever you desire. Experience the nostalgia of DOS gaming, and immerse yourself in the golden age of sports simulations at

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