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Infogrames Europe SA, a pivotal player in the early gaming scene, brought to life some of the most innovative and engaging DOS games of its time. Among its acclaimed creations, Alone in the Dark stands out as a groundbreaking title that pioneered the survival horror genre, offering gamers unprecedented experiences filled with suspense and adventure. Infogrames' portfolio is a testament to their dedication to pushing the boundaries of storytelling, gameplay, and graphics within the gaming industry. At, we celebrate the legacy of Infogrames Europe SA by offering you the chance to play their iconic DOS games online for free. Our platform ensures that these timeless classics, known for their compelling narratives and pioneering gameplay, are accessible to both new enthusiasts and nostalgic gamers alike. Dive into the rich history of Infogrames' contributions to the gaming world and enjoy these masterpieces directly in your browser on, where the spirit of classic gaming lives on.

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