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Altered Beast


Altered Beast is a classic arcade game that transports you to ancient Greece, where you play as a resurrected warrior on a mission to save Zeus's daughter. Throughout your quest, you undergo transformations into various mythical beasts, each with unique powers to combat hordes of demons. This legendary game is now available to play online for free. Dive into this nostalgic world and experience an action-packed adventure filled with magic and heroism, right on your browser, with no cost involved.

Altered Beast: A Timeless Arcade Quest Online

Published by SEGA, "Altered Beast" stands as a gem among classic arcade games. Released in 1990, it quickly captivated players with its unique storyline and innovative gameplay.

Game Content and Story Description

The game's protagonist, a warrior revived by Zeus, progresses through various levels fighting demons and collecting power-ups that allow transformations into different mythical creatures, each with special abilities. From werewolves to dragons, each transformation adds a new dimension and strategic options to the game. Renowned for its challenging gameplay and intense action, "Altered Beast" is also memorable for its graphics and soundtrack.

Play Altered Beast Online

Now, you can play "Altered Beast" online for free, without any restrictions. Available on both browser and mobile, it allows players to enjoy this classic anywhere, anytime.

Summary and Controls

"Altered Beast" is an iconic game that perfectly blends action, adventure, and mythology. Its controls are intuitive, with simple mechanics accessible to all players. The game uses publicly available codes and belongs to its original creators, ensuring an authentic gaming experience.

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