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1990 was a pivotal year in the history of DOS gaming, seeing the release of several iconic titles. offers you the chance to revisit this memorable year, letting you play your favorite 1990 DOS games online, for free! Key titles from this year include the ground-breaking Wing Commander, the legendary Prince of Persia, and the strategic masterpiece Railroad Tycoon. Now, you can immerse yourself in these classic DOS games, all in your browser!

Most popular games released in 1990

  • Number Munchers

    Number Munchers

    Educational game

    Number Munchers is a classic educational DOS game that combines fun and learning. Designed to improve math skills, the game challenges players to navigate through various mathematical puzzles and munch on the correct answers....

  • The Oregon Trail

    The Oregon Trail

    Simulation game

    The Oregon Trail is a classic computer game that simulates the experiences of early American settlers as they travel westward on the Oregon Trail. In this strategy and survival game, players manage their resources, make life-...

List of DOS games released in 1990

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