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Bubble Bobble


Bubble Bobble, a DOS gem, brings the delightful tale of two dragons, Bub and Bob, on their mission to rescue their girlfriends from the villain, Baron Von Blubba. This action-packed platformer, filled with bubbles, monsters, and fun, offers 100 unique levels to conquer. It’s more than just a game; it’s a trip down memory lane. And now, you can experience it for FREE on Play online, save your progress, and indulge in bubbly nostalgia!

Bubble Bobble: The Bubbly DOS Masterpiece

Among the plethora of DOS games that graced our computers, Bubble Bobble, published by Taito, stands out as a shimmering bubble of joy. It encapsulates an era when simplicity and pure gameplay created an addictive formula. Offering both single-player and co-op modes, the game boasts a unique charm that's hard to replicate.

The Allure of Bubble Bobble

The game’s premise is deceptively simple: play as a cute dragon, trap enemies in bubbles, and pop them. Yet, within this simplicity lies depth. With 100 levels, each more challenging than the last, players traverse diverse terrains, from dark caves to floating platforms. Along the way, power-ups and bonus items appear, giving Bub and Bob a tactical advantage. Be it fire bubbles, water bubbles, or even lightning bubbles, the game constantly introduces novel elements, ensuring that players remain engaged and entertained. But the heart of Bubble Bobble isn’t just about popping enemies; it's the underlying narrative. The journey of the two dragon brothers, transformed by an evil entity, seeking to rescue their loved ones, resonates with gamers, adding emotional depth to the pixelated world.

Play Bubble Bobble online

Ready for a bubbly adventure? Bubble Bobble awaits you on Every jump, pop, and bubble brings back the joy of 80s gaming, now available online for free! With our platform, you're not just revisiting a classic; you're part of a global community sharing the same nostalgia. Save your progress, challenge your friends, and let the world of Bub and Bob captivate you once more.

Gameplay and Controls

Bubble Bobble's brilliance is in its straightforwardness. Simple arrow keys guide the dragons, while the spacebar releases bubbles. However, mastering the timing, leveraging power-ups, and understanding enemy patterns are where the true challenge lies. As players progress, the game introduces new enemy types, each with its quirks, ensuring that players adapt and evolve their strategies.

Conclusion and a Nod to the Legacy

Bubble Bobble is a testament to a time when story, gameplay, and graphics intertwined to create a magical experience. Its legacy is etched in the memories of countless gamers. Here at, while we provide you with the chance to relive this classic, we honor the creators by using only publicly available codes. Every jump, bubble, and pop belongs to the original creators. Dive in, play, and let Bubble Bobble's charm bubble over once more!

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