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Taito, a stalwart in the video game industry, is revered for its innovative games that have shaped generations of gamers. Birthed in Japan, Taito quickly expanded its influence globally with its remarkable DOS game titles, melding creativity and cutting-edge gameplay. Their games, distinguished by their unique flair, serve as a bridge connecting the nostalgic past with the dynamic present. On, we pay homage to Taito's unmatched legacy. Delve into these cherished DOS games, journeying through narratives and challenges that have stood the test of time. Play these iconic Taito games online for free, immersing in memories and creating new ones, while the option to save ensures a seamless gaming experience. At, the golden era of Taito is perpetually alive and beckoning.

Most popular games by Taito

  • Bubble Bobble

    Bubble Bobble

    Action game

    Bubble Bobble, a DOS gem, brings the delightful tale of two dragons, Bub and Bob, on their mission to rescue their girlfriends from the villain, Baron Von Blubba. This action-packed platformer, filled with bubbles, monsters, ...

List of games developed by Taito

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