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Jazz Jackrabbit


Jazz Jackrabbit, a fast-paced, vibrant game published by Epic MegaGames, offers an adventure packed with action. Play this DOS classic online for free at BestDOSGames. Remember, you can save your progress and continue your adventure anytime!

Introduction to Jazz Jackrabbit

Jazz Jackrabbit, released by Epic MegaGames, Inc., is a timeless classic in the world of DOS games. Its blend of fast-paced action, colourful graphics, and engaging storyline has captivated players for decades.

Game Content and Storyline

In Jazz Jackrabbit, you control Jazz, the eponymous green rabbit who is on a mission to rescue his beloved princess, Eva Earlong, from the nefarious turtle, Devan Shell. Journey through a variety of vibrant levels, battling foes and collecting power-ups as you race against time. Each level brings its own unique challenges and enemies, making Jazz Jackrabbit a compelling experience filled with fast-paced action and excitement.

Play Jazz Jackrabbit Online

BestDOSGames offers you the opportunity to play Jazz Jackrabbit online. Experience the thrill of this classic game and help Jazz in his mission to save Eva. You can save your progress, so you can always return to the game whenever you want.

Summary and Controls

Jazz Jackrabbit remains an exceptional game that captures the essence of fun, vibrant DOS gaming. Its easy-to-master controls and dynamic gameplay make it a memorable experience for players of all ages. Using simple keyboard commands, you can navigate Jazz through his colourful, action-packed world.

Lastly, we only use publicly available codes for the games on BestDOSGames. All rights to Jazz Jackrabbit belong to the authors. Enjoy the adventure and happy gaming!

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