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Lords of the Realm II


Enter the realm of medieval strategy with Lords of the Realm II, a captivating DOS game that has stood the test of time. Published by Sierra On-Line, the game combines strategy, resource management, and combat, making it a remarkable journey through the medieval period. Experience the thrill of ruling a kingdom and leading your armies to victory, right here on The best part? You can play it for free, save your progress, and return to your kingdom anytime. Don't miss this chance to relive one of the finest moments in DOS gaming history.

An Epic Saga of Medieval Strategy: Lords of the Realm II

Sierra On-Line, a name synonymous with top-notch gaming experiences, gave us the timeless classic, Lords of the Realm II. This DOS game masterfully blends elements of strategy, resource management, and turn-based combat, offering a unique journey through the Middle Ages.

A Kingdom Awaits Your Command

In Lords of the Realm II, you play as a noble vying for control in a time of kings and knights. The game is set in a richly-detailed, pseudo-historical world where the ultimate goal is to conquer all regions and become the undisputed ruler. This quest for power unfolds across an expansive map teeming with opportunities and threats.

As a noble, you control various aspects of your kingdom - from managing resources like food, iron, and wood, to looking after the populace's welfare. The game requires you to make strategic decisions on farming, livestock, and construction, all while keeping your people happy and well-fed.

Battle for Supremacy: The Gameplay

The crux of Lords of the Realm II lies in its warfare. As the noble, you must recruit and lead your armies to conquer enemy territories. The game presents a wide array of units, each with unique strengths and weaknesses. Knowing when to employ knights, archers, or peasants can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

The combat is a turn-based affair, with battles taking place in both field and siege scenarios. The game's AI offers a challenging experience, adapting to your strategies and forcing you to constantly rethink your plans. Victory in Lords of the Realm II is a rewarding testament to your strategic prowess and leadership.

Play Lords of the Realm 2 Online

You can now relive the riveting experience of Lords of the Realm II online at Our platform preserves the classic in its original form, letting you play it for free. Our saving feature allows you to pick up your quest for power right where you left off, meaning you can strategize, conquer, and rule at your leisure.

Engage in the intricate gameplay, conquer lands, and lead your people to prosperity. Experience Lords of the Realm II - a true testament to the power and allure of DOS games.

Lords of the Realm II: A Masterclass in Strategy Gaming

This game stands tall as an enduring beacon of strategy gaming. Its immersive setting, intricate gameplay mechanics, and challenging AI make it a rewarding experience for both seasoned strategists and newcomers. Lords of the Realm II is a fine blend of careful planning, resource management, and strategic warfare that continues to captivate gamers, making it a treasured addition to any gaming repertoire.

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Lead Your Armies: The Controls

The game offers a simple and intuitive control scheme. The mouse is used to navigate the map, manage your resources, and command your armies. Click to make decisions, drag to move units, and right-click for more options. Whether you're a seasoned player or a first-time gamer, you'll find controlling your kingdom a breeze.

Step into the shoes of a noble, experience the thrill of strategic combat, and rule your kingdom with wisdom. Play Lords of the Realm II on today!

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