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X-COM: UFO Defense


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X-COM: UFO Defense

Published by MicroProse in 1994, X-COM: UFO Defense is a timeless classic that blends strategic planning and tactical combat into a compelling gaming experience. This legendary DOS game offers an engaging narrative and challenging gameplay, making it a standout in the strategy genre.

Gameplay Content and Narrative

The essence of X-COM: UFO Defense lies in its innovative gameplay. As a player, you take on the role of the X-COM commander, tasked with the defense of Earth against hostile extraterrestrials. Your responsibilities are multi-faceted: overseeing base construction, managing resources, researching new technologies, and directing troop movements on a global scale. But the complexity doesn't end there.

When UFOs are detected, the game shifts to a tactical mode where you engage in turn-based combat missions. You control each squad member, navigating through maps filled with unknown threats. The game's strategic depth, combined with its atmospheric graphics and sound design, creates an immersive world of tension and intrigue.

A successful defense is a careful balance between expanding your bases, investing in research, and taking the fight to the enemy. Each decision you make carries weight, contributing to the overall success or failure of your mission. It's this relentless pressure and strategic depth that have cemented X-COM: UFO Defense as a classic DOS game.

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Experience the thrill of X-COM: UFO Defense on Our platform brings this classic DOS game online, enabling you to take command of X-COM from your browser or mobile device. With the ability to save your progress, you can strategize and command at your own pace.

Summary and Controls

X-COM: UFO Defense is a testament to the depth and richness strategy games can offer. Its balance of strategy, resource management, and tactical combat creates an engaging experience that stands the test of time. The game primarily utilizes keyboard controls, with intuitive commands for managing bases and controlling squad members.

Join the ranks of X-COM today and experience this classic DOS game. Please note that we at use only publicly available codes. All rights of the game belong to the respective owners.

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