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Panzer General


Panzer General is an iconic DOS game developed by Strategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI). As one of the most engaging strategy war games, Panzer General allows you to take command of WWII forces. Now, at bestDOSgames, you can experience this classic right in your browser. Play Panzer General online for free and lead your troops to victory!

Introduction to Panzer General

Published by Strategic Simulations, Inc., Panzer General is a DOS game that stands out as one of the finest strategy war games of its era. This game sets you in the midst of World War II, demanding strategic prowess and tactical foresight.

Game Content and Storyline

In Panzer General, you take the role of a high-ranking military officer in control of Axis troops. The game features a compelling campaign mode that spans various historical battles, where every decision you make can sway the tide of war. Plan your moves on detailed hex-based maps, manage your resources, and command your troops on the battlefield.

The storyline is deeply rooted in historical context, providing an immersive experience that puts you in the shoes of a strategic mastermind during WWII. Not only will you be orchestrating grand offensives, but you'll also experience the impact of your decisions on the course of the war.

Play Panzer General Online

Embrace the nostalgic wave and experience Panzer General at You can play this classic DOS game online, with the added functionality of saving your progress. Whether you are a veteran general or a new recruit, Panzer General offers an engaging journey into the strategic depth of warfare.

Summary and Controls

Panzer General is a testament to the engaging depth and strategic complexity of DOS games. It blends historical realism with strategic gameplay, providing a truly immersive war game experience.

The game's controls are intuitive, allowing you to easily manage resources, plan movements, and execute strategies on the battlefield. The turn-based gameplay allows you time to think through each decision, increasing the strategic depth of the game.

Please note that at bestDOSgames, we only use publicly available codes, and all game rights belong to their respective authors. Experience the thrill of strategic warfare with Panzer General today!

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