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Welcome to Scorched Earth, the acclaimed DOS game designed by Wendell Hicken, fondly known as the 'Mother of All Games'. Here, you're plunged into an addictive world of strategic warfare, piloting tanks in a last-man-standing battle. With, you can now relive this classic DOS game for free, right in your browser. Save your game progress and come back anytime for another explosive round. Join us and start your Scorched Earth adventure today!

Introduction to Scorched Earth

In 1991, a game emerged that left a profound mark on the gaming industry: Scorched Earth. This engaging, strategic artillery game was designed by a visionary game developer, Wendell Hicken. Unleashing a new dimension of strategy and action, Scorched Earth set a new standard for DOS games.

Engage in Explosive Gameplay

Scorched Earth is often referred to as the 'Mother of All Games' for good reason. This is a game of tactics, strategy, and sheer destruction. Players take control of tanks, placed in a landscape with varying terrain. The aim is simple: destroy your enemies using a variety of weapons and defend your own tank from incoming attacks. The game's round-based system means that each player has a chance to move and fire in turn, which requires thoughtful strategy and careful planning.

Unfolding the Narrative

While Scorched Earth might not have a narrative in the traditional sense, it doesn't detract from the thrilling gameplay. Instead, it places the narrative in the hands of the player, letting them forge their own stories in the heat of battle. Every game is a different experience, shaped by the players, the choices they make, the weapons they choose, and the strategies they deploy. The fun and appeal of Scorched Earth lie in the variety of its gameplay, the competitiveness it fosters, and the unexpected turns that each game can take.

Play Scorched Earth Online

Here at, you can play Scorched Earth in all its glory. Enjoy this classic game, with its mix of strategy and action, right from your browser. No downloads, no fuss, just pure, nostalgic gaming fun. We've made it easier than ever to save your game progress, so you can return whenever you like for another round.

In Summary

Scorched Earth is more than just a game. It's a landmark in DOS gaming history, providing a unique blend of strategy, action, and competitive play. Wendell Hicken's creation remains a standout in the world of gaming, even decades after its release.

The controls are simple, with players using the arrow keys to move their tank and space bar to shoot. However, mastering the game requires strategic thinking and a good understanding of the game mechanics.

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