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SimTower: The Vertical Empire


SimTower: The Vertical Empire is a classic DOS game now available for free online play on bestDOSgames. Build, manage, and evolve your tower while saving your progress.

Introduction to SimTower: The Vertical Empire

SimTower: The Vertical Empire, published by Maxis Software Inc., is an iconic title in the realm of DOS games, delivering a unique blend of strategy and simulation.

Gameplay and Storyline of SimTower: The Vertical Empire

SimTower: The Vertical Empire immerses players into a complex world of architectural design and management. As the owner of a tower, your task is to design, build, and maintain a flourishing vertical ecosystem. Create everything from offices to residential spaces, shops, and entertainment facilities, all while balancing your building’s economy. The game unfolds with increased complexity, introducing new challenges and rewards as your tower grows taller. With a vibrant, pixelated visual style and a robust system of gameplay mechanics, SimTower offers a gaming experience like no other.

Play SimTower Online

On, you can dive into the thrilling world of SimTower: The Vertical Empire. Build your architectural masterpiece online for free, save your progress, and grow your empire at your own pace.

Conclusion: SimTower: The Vertical Empire Review and Controls

SimTower: The Vertical Empire remains a classic DOS game with a unique premise and challenging gameplay. The controls are straightforward, involving mouse clicks for building, upgrading, and managing your tower.

At bestDOSgames, we use publicly available codes and acknowledge the rights of the game's authors. We're proud to host SimTower: The Vertical Empire and invite you to build your tower, free of charge, right here on our platform. Start your architectural journey on today.

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