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SimCity 2000


SimCity 2000, a masterpiece by Maxis Software Inc., allows players to build and manage their own city. Play this classic DOS game online for free on our website, BestDOSGames. Don't forget, you can save your progress and come back to your city whenever you want!

Introduction to SimCity 2000

SimCity 2000, a remarkable simulation game, was published by Maxis Software Inc., renowned for creating engaging and immersive gaming experiences. This game takes city-building to a new level, with its intricate gameplay and realistic urban development simulations.

Game Content and Storyline

In SimCity 2000, you're the mayor. Your task is to design, build, and manage a bustling city, keeping your citizens happy and your economy thriving. Balancing residential, commercial, and industrial zones, while ensuring the city has all the necessary amenities like power, water, and public services, becomes a challenging endeavor. SimCity 2000 sets itself apart with its depth of gameplay - the politics, economics, and technological advancements of your city are in your hands.

Play SimCity 2000 Online

You can experience this classic gem online at BestDOSGames. Design your dream city, manage its resources, and tackle the challenges that come your way. Remember, you can save your progress and continue building your city at any time.

Summary and Controls

SimCity 2000 truly is a timeless classic that allows you to experience the thrills and challenges of running a city. The game's controls are intuitive, easy to understand, and part of what makes this game so much fun to play. Just point, click, and see your city come to life.

As a final note, we only use publicly available codes and all rights to the game belong to the authors. Enjoy building your dream city at BestDOSGames!

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