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Theme Hospital


Theme Hospital, a renowned game from Bullfrog Productions, puts you in charge of managing a bustling hospital. Play this DOS classic online for free at BestDOSGames. Don't forget - you can save your progress and continue your medical adventures anytime!

Introduction to Theme Hospital

Published by Bullfrog Productions, Theme Hospital is an engaging DOS game that puts players into the role of a hospital administrator. This quirky and challenging simulation game is known for its unique premise, humorous tone, and fun gameplay mechanics.

Game Content and Storyline

Theme Hospital allows players to design and operate a hospital with the goal of curing patients with comically bizarre ailments. You must carefully manage resources, hire staff, build facilities and keep morale high in order to maintain a top-rated hospital. Each level gets progressively harder, with new hospital conditions and diseases introduced, making for a deeply engrossing and strategic gameplay experience.

Play Theme Hospital Online

Now on BestDOSGames, you can play Theme Hospital online. Return to this beloved simulation game and take the challenge of running a busy medical center. Don’t forget, you can save your progress and pick up where you left off, anytime.

Summary and Controls

Theme Hospital is a testament to the creativity and humor that defines Bullfrog Productions. Its gameplay is intuitive, yet deep, using simple mouse commands to control the game. It offers hours of entertaining and strategic gameplay that will keep you coming back for more.

Finally, we use only publicly available codes on BestDOSGames. All rights to Theme Hospital belong to the authors. So get started, enjoy the nostalgia, and build the hospital of your dreams!

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