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Ultima VI: The False Prophet

Role-Playing (RPG)

In 'Ultima VI: The False Prophet', players return to Britannia, facing both new challenges and moral dilemmas. This RPG classic, developed by Origin Systems, sets a high bar in storytelling and gameplay mechanics. Explore a richly detailed world, engage in intricate dialogues, and determine the fate of Britannia. Experience this iconic DOS title online at, without any cost.

The Evolution of a Legendary Series: Ultima VI

Origin Systems' 'Ultima' series has always been at the forefront of the RPG genre. With 'Ultima VI: The False Prophet', the bar was raised once again, pushing boundaries in narrative depth, graphical prowess, and intricate gameplay. The detailed isometric view and a robust conversation system further brought Britannia to life, immersing players deeply into its lore and challenges.

A World Unraveling: The Core of 'Ultima VI'

The story starts with the Avatar – the protagonist of the 'Ultima' series – being summoned back to Britannia, only to be met with distrust and suspicion. The Gargoyles, previously unknown to Britannians, have emerged, causing widespread panic. They've seized the Shrines of Virtue, threatening the very foundation of the land. But as the player delves deeper, a complex narrative unfolds. The Gargoyles aren't just mindless invaders; they have their motivations, driven by desperation and the quest for survival.

'Ultima VI' was groundbreaking not just for its story but for the freedom it provided players. The world is open to explore, filled with numerous NPCs each with their distinct routines and roles. Day transitions to night, seasons change, and the world of Britannia feels alive, reacting to the player's decisions and actions.

Play Ultima VI: The False Prophet online

For fans of classic RPGs and newcomers alike, 'Ultima VI: The False Prophet' stands as a monument to what the genre can achieve. Now, thanks to, this classic can be played online. Delve into the rich world of Britannia, interact with its inhabitants, and decide its fate right from your browser. Dive deep into the narrative and save your progress, ensuring you never lose a step in your journey.

Concluding an Epic & Mastering Controls

The controls in 'Ultima VI' are intuitive, allowing players to effortlessly navigate the world, engage in dialogues, combat foes, and use items. A point-and-click interface is combined with keyboard commands, giving players full control over the Avatar and his interactions.

As 'Ultima VI: The False Prophet' concludes, players are left with more than just a sense of accomplishment. The game encourages reflection, touching on themes of prejudice, understanding, and the gray areas of morality.

At, we're committed to bringing these classics to a wider audience, ensuring they're accessible to all. We utilize publicly available codes, and all rights and credits go to the creators and original publishers of 'Ultima VI'. Dive into this epic, and remember the legends of DOS gaming.

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