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X-COM Terror from the Deep


Dive into the underwater realms of 'X-COM: Terror from the Deep', the thrilling sequel to the original X-COM. This classic strategy game takes you into deep-sea exploration and alien combat. Master tactical battles and manage your base to fend off the alien threat. Now available to play online for free on, experience this deep-sea adventure from your browser or mobile device, with no limitations. Join the fight to save humanity from the abyss!

Introduction: A Dive into the Depths

"X-COM: Terror from the Deep", published by MicroProse in 1995, plunges players into an aquatic alien battleground. This sequel not only intensifies the iconic strategic gameplay of its predecessor but also deepens the complexity and challenge. It is set in a terrifying underwater environment where humanity faces a new alien menace emerging from the ocean's darkest depths.

The Intricate Gameplay and Engaging Storyline

In "X-COM: Terror from the Deep", players take command of the eXtraterrestrial COMbat unit tasked with defending Earth against an aquatic alien invasion. This game expands on the foundational strategy elements seen in the original, introducing underwater missions, new technologies, and a hauntingly beautiful yet dangerous new world to explore.

The story unfolds through a series of gripping missions, where players must intercept and neutralize alien threats. Each mission challenges players with strategic planning, resource management, and split-second decision-making. The game's atmosphere is enriched with eerie underwater soundscapes and detailed graphics that vividly portray the alien and underwater environments.

Play X-COM: Terror from the Deep Online

Now, "X-COM: Terror from the Deep" is accessible for free, online in your browser or on mobile, without any restrictions. Embrace the challenge of commanding your own X-COM unit and engaging in strategic battles. The game requires careful management of resources, quick tactical responses, and strategic planning to ensure the survival of human civilization.

A Strategic Masterpiece Revisited

As players dive deeper into the game, they encounter a variety of alien species, each with unique behaviors and lethal abilities. The game requires not only tactical expertise but also strategic foresight, pushing players to continually adapt their strategies to counter the evolving alien threat.

Control in the game is intuitive yet complex, allowing for deep strategic gameplay that challenges even veteran strategy gamers. Players must effectively manage their units, upgrade their bases, research new technologies, and engage in perilous undersea combat.

Conclusion and Controls Overview

"X-COM: Terror from the Deep" offers an engrossing blend of strategic planning, tactical combat, and sci-fi horror. With its rich narrative and engaging gameplay, it remains a seminal work in the strategy genre. The game controls are designed to cater to both newcomers and experienced players, ensuring accessibility and depth.

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