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Founded in the golden era of gaming, Konami Industry has been a beacon of innovation and creativity. Originating from Japan, this powerhouse transitioned from producing amusement machines to pioneering some of the most iconic DOS games that many fondly remember. With a blend of intricate storytelling, cutting-edge graphics (for its time), and engaging gameplay, Konami's DOS releases set a high benchmark in the gaming world. Today, at, we cherish and celebrate that legacy. We bring to you an extensive collection of Konami Industry's DOS games, allowing you to relive those cherished memories or experience them for the first time. The best part? It's all online and absolutely free. Dive in, immerse yourself in vintage gaming, and remember to save your progress, so you never miss a beat in your retro gaming journey. Join us in celebrating Konami Industry's digital brilliance!

Most popular games by Konami Industry Co. Ltd.

  • Castlevania


    Action game

    Castlevania, a timeless classic in the realm of video games, invites players to step into a gothic world filled with supernatural dangers. In this game, you embody a brave vampire hunter, traversing eerie landscapes and confr...

  • The Simpsons

    The Simpsons

    Action game

    The Simpsons, a 1991 DOS classic, captures the quirks and antics of America's favorite animated family. Developed during the early days of the series, the game lets players engage in vibrant, pixelated escapades that reflect ...

List of games developed by Konami Industry Co. Ltd.

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